Introducing Silicon Dreams Ltd. and the "closed circuit WIFI system"

About us

Silicon Dreams Ltd. was founded in 1996, its headquarters operates in Kecskemét, Hungary, and its main profile is IT services: software development, computer maintenance, internet solutions, and since 2000, also military content service. Our company was a founding member and co-owner of Externet Internet, one of the first internet service companies in the country. Within Externet Internet, our task was to build the content service. It was then that we created our still-working newspapers, JETFly magazine in 2000, and "A Háború Művészete" (The Art of War) magazine in 2005.

In 2015, the company started a new development. The aim of this project is to research the feasibility of a digital version of CCTV (Closed Circuits Television), and based on this technology, research for digital CC image transmission systems optimized for smartphones and tablets, the final product of which became the "closed circuit WIFI system".


A prototype of a mobile, easy-to-install outdoor communication device has been developed that is suitable for smarthpones and tablets to broadcast broadband closed-circuit video via the WIFI system of the end user's device in such a way that the end user does not need internet access to recieve the broadcast.

The product makes it possible to create a closed-circuit WIFI internet broadcasting system where smart devices are used at mass events (sporting events, concerts, festivals, events, etc.) and in all places where a lot of people are to be found (stations, hospitals, hotels, museums. It can function as a kind of television, replacing giant projectors, LED walls and other display devices.